Friday, April 11, 2008

Chakra Box

I had a dream of a box filled with gemstones.
I had started this box quite awhile ago and the original idea had a black rock in the middle. At the time I was wondering how to remove the obstacle of moving from the lower chakras to the upper ones. It was mostly the idea of looking to my heart more often rather than thinking - to get out of my head and not worry so much. Rather, looking to how to live in the moment be true to one's heart. I had wires jumping over the rock.... but I decided to go back to the box and just look at it all as a whole and remove the obstacle, the block and instead replaced it with the keys that create a path to the heart.
From earth: being grounded to the sky: sipping the necter of love and wisdom.
To create balance and harmony within all the energy centers of the body. Be whole and one.

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