Sunday, June 10, 2007

It takes a village...

I decided to do some painting yesterday. I was given the keys to get in and it was nice to paint uninterrupted. I needed to finish the tree by the door using a ladder, so it was perfect. No little kids or parents walking in and out. Played around more with the houses and a requested cat on a wall. I had to rush through the cat because it was late and I was to pick up dinner. I'll have to do some tweeking on Wednesday.
I have been painting in a spontaneous manner, nothing really planned. Need something inbetween the village and wall. One idea that has been repeated is to paint a child fishing in the brook. Fish flying up out of the water. I can see it!!
This has been a really fun project and it's fun to have the kids respond to it and making suggestions. Not sure a dinosaur will fit though, but a lot of the suggestions they make are great and when they see it on the wall, they are so proud. It makes them feel a part of it.
It's just so hard photographing it, because I can't stand back from it. I can only do small sections.
For now...........

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