Thursday, June 15, 2006

Countless Days 153 -166

I have been very lax in keeping track of what I have been doing on each day. Some days are "hardly anything". Last night I had to force myself to go into the back room instead of going to sleep. I've been watching tv!
What I have been doing: I started a yoga journal with illustrations. (no pictures posted yet),
I have been taking photos. Working on a yearbook for the children's center, taking pictures of them and collaging them.. I also went back to my altered book.
One day after class, I had all this wire thrown on the table and it reminded me of scribble drawings where you find an image within it. I did 2 of them.
The fishy drawing is called "Stage Fright". Sometimes we just need to push forward and do that which frightens us. One never knows what the response will be!

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