Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 146~ Rooted~

I love trees.
I love watching them change, love the reminder, the lesson they teach... The only constant is change.
I appear to be very rooted. Grounded. I am pretty constant. It is my head though, the unseen part, my mind that is scattered. Ideas fly around, I lose my train of thought, jump from one idea to another... usually have too much going on at one time and get overwhelmed by it all. I say yes to too much and then freak out because I'm afraid I won't get it all done. Scattered. Ungrounded. Unfocused.
I like being surrounded by trees, in the woods where it is quiet and still. That is where I feel most at peace and at one with everything.
I get upset when I see so many trees being cut down, cleared away for a driveway or some other stupid reason.
Trees are one of my favorite subjects to paint.
I was reading about the new moon in Gemini and smiled at the part of listening to the trees whispering in your ears. Tomorrow will be a good day to go visit some trees and listen to what they have to say...

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