Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 136 - 141 ~ Water Barer

I am the Water Barer.
Sun in Aquarius with Virgo Rising.
We have had an abundance of rain and everything is so beautifully lush and green.
I like to take the garden hose and water the garden. Spraying water onto the fig tree, sometimes up in the air to see a rainbow.
I use water to replenish my spirit.
Allowing water to cleanse the debris of life from my body and soul. Washing away pain, sadness, doubt......letting tears mingle with the water running over my body... until I am cleansed again. Refreshed. Clear.
I would like to take my garden hose and create a cleansing shower for those who would like to be refreshed, renewed, restored to health and wholeness. I would like to cleanse the world of old pains, fear, hatred.
I would like to hose down Bush.

other than this, I also did a background paper, and a drawing for Root chakra... still pretty busy. Painting the bar area at Wellingtons.

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