Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 108, 109 *Joy of Life*

It is sooo very wonderful to see the coloring of the Earth. Everything is in bloom. I just want to soak it all in.... all the colors. I bought some new watercolors. There were quite a few shades of green and had a 40% off coupon. Still like the h2o's better. Watercolors are still pretty new for me, as I'm used to acrylics and overpainting. You have to plan more with watercolors...go with the flow.
If I had "do over", I'd change the purple flower in the back to blue... and chances are I'll do some more flowers... just warming up here :-)
Actually, it looks better up on the screen, so maybe purple is ok... today is supposed to be another beautiful day. Going out to be inspired by more flowers.
I love Spring!

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