Saturday, November 12, 2011


Finally, getting back to some blogging and more importantly, to mandala making. Since the show, my priorities seemed to have been misplaced or maybe I just needed to venture into other areas.

What I notice is I get cranky when I don't create. Giving is good, but there needs to be a balance that I more often than not tend to forget.. or maybe it's just saying that "no" word that is hard to do. I tried sneaking in some moments and created some cards for a show that's coming up, but it wasn't exactly the same, but even that went by the wayside.

I don't find the same calmness that comes with mandalas. They are more centering. Like the breath, the more focused I become on them, the calmer I become. As I become calm, I get more clear on what I need for myself and for others.

Each new moon I notice that the seeds I plant always have to do with this.. giving myself the time to do art.

Along with this, I found a book, "How Yoga Works"... and more messages of the same, planting seeds. Each thought is another seed. Whether positive or negative, loving or hurtful, it is a seed we plant and eventually reap the results. Plant positive and loving seeds and see the benefits.

If I am cranky and irritable and speak to others in an unkind, critical voice, I am sure to see that return back to me. That is not what I wish... so keeping this in mind, it is better for me and for you and for the betterment of mankind if I do my art.

So, if you see me on the street, getting short with you or someone else.. just pat me on the back and say," go home and make mandalas".

Thank you for your kindness :-)

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