Sunday, September 04, 2011

Heal thyself

Feeling more emotional than usual.. a bit raw. Getting ready for the show got me into doing the practical stuff like framing, creating the cards and then preparing for a hurricane.
Besides that, I was surrounded by loss. A friend, my mom lost a friend, actually 2, and a dear friend of mine lost his son. On top of that I watched and learned of devasting effects from the hurricane in the places that are dear to us in upstate NY.
Yesterday I knew I needed to pull myself out of a funk. My body lagged with little energy due to emotional eating.. junk food.
It hit me.. take your own advice! go create a mandala. I realized that's what was lacking.. the simple act of creating those small gems of quieting the mind.. a way to bring out that inner light that was dimming in all the outside sorrow coming at me. ART HEALS!
Compassion is good, but it needs movement. I realize movement is key and me "not in motion" stays that way and you do NOT want to be around me when I'm like that.
Unstructured time, lack of self-dicipline, unmotivated and stuck make for one very grouchy Doreen.
The indecisive mind enters.. and immobilizaton sets in.
aaaaaaaahhhh. Pull me out!!!
and I did. I started with morning pages to dump.. get it out of the system and then I created a mandala.
I need this.
I cannot not do this - this act of creating.

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