Friday, November 06, 2009

Shed the thoughts to reveal the heart

I've noticed when I break out of a routine to work on a project, I have a hard time getting back into that routine again. It is like a spiral. One doesn't go back to the beginning, but rather takes the new experience and moves around in an upward motion.
I've added meditation to my morning and evening rituals, so I have taken that experience along with my reading, to come back to mandalas.
I have missed doing them and it was this morning after reading a mandala oasis post on chakras, that I knew I needed to do a mandala to get centered again.
I feel as though I have been all over the place... scattering my energy like the scattered leaves all over the ground. Grounding, that's what I needed and what better place to start than at the first chakra.
Suzanne was inspiring me with her research on chakras at Mandala Oasis, and what seemed to fit here was the issue of Trust that had come up lately.
Trust is a 1st chakra issue.
The issue of mistrust had surfaced and while working on this mandala it came to the forefront of my mind.
Red is the color of the Root Chakra, called Muladhara Chakra.. and snake appeared.
Snake has appeared a few times in my mandalas.. a message of transformation.
Shedding the skin, it gave me thought to our "thoughts" and how we need to shed the old belief patterns from our past. Moving forward, leaving behind that which no longer serves us.
In order to do that, it needs to surface, come to our consciousness.. we need to be aware of it first. One cannot move on until we understand and integrate the lesson.
No sense in burying it, because it will only resurface some other time.
Trust is an issue we develop in our early childhood.
And yes, there were some aha moments with that which I won't go into here...
But the point here is, mandala is speaking to me again. I gave myself the gift of time to listen. To do some art for myself, to have the "conversation" with it, to pay attention to the message.
Thank you my mandala sisters :-)

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cheryl said...

Oh Doreen... After reading your insightful post I feel like you've eavesdropped on my soul. The 1st chakra, the trust/mis-trust, taking time and getting grounded, shedding what's not work and being willing to. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and discoveries...and your "self". I will indeed be back to re-read this help this part of me that doesn't want to move - to move! Thank you for all that you do, and give. Blessings.. Cheryl