Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blogger mystery...

I have my blogs back. I like some things with wordpress, ( )but I love that you can click on the above picture and it'll pop up larger... not sure why wordpress doesn't do that, or maybe I just don't know how.
I have stuff to scan. So now I know it's not ME that messed up, that I deleted something, but some weird glitch with IE, because this happened to someone else as well.
I love the computer, but damn! they are so temperamental.
Sometimes, you just need to let it go... does everything need to have an answer? and sometimes, I don't really care as the why (although this is rare :-) just as long as I have what I want.. in this case, my blog... it's a mystery as to what happened and right now, I don't care.. enjoying the moment :-)

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cheryl said...

I am loving this picture. What is it about flowers (and trees) that's so intoxicating? This one has me smiling...face and heart. Thank you! -- Yesterday I noticed tons of flowers in the Arts District of Oak Park that I'd not seen before. I will be over there w/my camera by the weekend!

Glad your blog is back. Hmm,guess we might need to cut-n-paste content we don't want to lose? I wonder if there's a backup system for blogs. Enjoyyour day.. and I'm always glad to see you at my blog - glad it was meaningful for you. Those mandalas - they keep on giving, don't they.