Monday, April 20, 2009

Art of the Young Child

I have been lucky enough to fall into the work I do... I give children an opportunity to create.
Important stuff - for them - for all of us. From the beginning of October until the end of March I give them a variety of materials to create with and take pictures of the creative process. The celebration of Week of the Young Child is this week, and we celebrated yesterday with a reception of their work... It is diplayed along the walls, covering both floors, and in the case.. It brings color and joy to all who see it. The next few posts are some of the photos... enjoy :-)


Georgina said...

Wow, what a great job. You're quite blessed!


Chaska said...

These are wonderful pictures!!! The kids and you are both blessed.

Gena said...

Gad, this is what life should be - one big art class! I think that would be a fine education indeed!

Lucky kids and lucky you!