Monday, August 25, 2008

Mandala of Moments

Movement through time.
Counting each second as we move around
from beginning to beginning.
Spiraling upwards through each cycle
Spinning through space.
Moving through change.
Moment by moment.
Second by second.
no stopping......
Making each moment count. Aware of the preciousness of these moments we have in our life. Each morning and each evening, I sat listening to the sound of water and birds, creating mandalas and going within to observe the Inner Self and messages, listening to my inner voice and what needed to be heard.
Observing the "chatter" mind.
And then the still voice in those moments when insight comes, chatter ceases, and "I" come forward. The true inner Self.
Precious moment.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

really nice to see you back...hope you had a nice vacation...

cheryl said...

This is gorgeous, Doreen-- and oh so unique.

Welcome back!

kate jobe said...'re work is so inspiring and exciting to me....thank you for creating it...Kate