Monday, December 10, 2007

Who are you?

We've been playing around with self portrait dolls in class. Being that it's the holiday, a lot of the kids are making themselves as a Santa or even a reindeer. One wanted to be a rock star. Three of the kids created a Hannukah theme and then some just wanted to be themselves.
They're fun to do. Taking a bit of time as well. Some taking 3 classes to do them which is fine by me.
I want to do one myself.......
For some reason, my own art took a little vacation.
New moon intention: Get back in there and do something adventurous. Something new. Take a risk.
I just picked up Jane Ann Wynn's book, Altered Curiosities. I'll be teaching assemblages and shrines along with altered photographs and collage on canvas at the new studio at Masterpiece Framing. I'm getting really excited about these new classes - older kids, too. Something new for me.
On the path................

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