Friday, September 08, 2006

Web of Life

the past few days I have been reading messages in everything. What is life showing me? I'm trying to be open and aware and look at everything around me as if it's all speaking to me. Interestingly, sometimes there is a "glyph", the energy of a situation let's say is repeating itself.
I was a bit melancholy today missing Jake and thinking of Rauchen and how he would fly to the window if a pigeon got close to the window.
In the mail was a thank you letter from the New York city veterinarian hospital who did NOT help my son by the way...."it was nice meeting you and Rauchen"... what a joke. But oddly enough, John came home to say that the woman who used to work for him has a daughter who asked if John had a son Jake and it was her daughter that fixed Rauchen's ear. And did a great job by the way.
So anyway,here i am getting into my car and see this humongous web. I ran back in to get my camera. That was one spider who was able to get a great deal accomplished.... unlike me.

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